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Storm of May

Sweet month of May! How you came and brought warm winds to turn and turn my heart, and in these dazzling turns, I found myself forgetting why I was here. I found myself forgetting who I am.

Sweet rain with drops full and round as the despair of my tears, come and cleanse my dreams. For the dreams I have are too much for me to live. Don’t stop! Drop and drop until there is no other sound than the beating of my heart. And the salt would sting and cure the wishes out of it. Oh, how you tempt me falling shyly.

Sweet lights of lightning and thunders roaming the dark skies, be merciful and come! And stomp! And claim your rights; because the strength that you carry and thought was worthy of me leaked out of my sick bones.

I am frail. I am lost. I am naïve and a fool for the comfort of routine. Shake me to my teeth, dark night! Shake me into my senses! I have lost my compass, but don’t let me lose my ship.

I am the captain of my fears!


Photo credit Thomas Boulvin – Belgium

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